Associate Dean’s message

Welcome and thank you for visiting our College website. Mumbai Veterinary College holds the distinction of being the first college of Veterinary Science in Asia and was inaugurated on 2nd August; 1886. In the more than of our existence we graduated our first class in 1889 and though we are a relatively old college, our graduates have already distinguished themselves in careers across the breadth of Veterinary Science and beyond.
The College has achieved more than a century-plus tradition in educating and cultivating some of the finest veterinary and research minds in addition to contributing to the development and formulation of innovations and healing through innovative educational methods. 
Our alumni have made significant contributions to veterinary medicine & diagnostics, health care & animal welfare as well as in translational research and technology development.  Our graduates have made fruitful niches for themselves by serving their communities as health care givers, or have careers in industry and some join the state and Central government agencies as developmental officers and policy framers endeavouring to make livestock farming innovative and profitable for the owners and improve quality of live for the animals. This we can do as we are as closely associated to the pharmaceutical and biological industries as we are to the individual farmer, animal holder and pet owner.
As part of a comprehensive land grant institution, the mission of our College is to train future veterinarians, educate veterinarians and scientists, and improve the quality of life for both the producers and pet owners and their animals. The goal of our more than 70 faculty members is to fully integrate their teaching and research activities with outreach programs catered to benefit the animals and through them their owners in and around Mumbai and beyond.
A major portion of our teaching effort is in our professional curriculum. Veterinary Council of India has developed into a strong curriculum leading to the awarding of the Bachelor of Veterinary and Animal Science degree. Our admissions process is competitive, and we only accept highly qualified students with the necessary knowledge and abilities to meet the challenges ahead.  Our curriculum in the framework of the VCI mandate is flexible enough to be responsive to the aptitudes and abilities of our students, the changing requirements of the profession, and the diverse biological needs of the current times.
With the emergence of new technologies, medicines and facilities, what was once a traditional occupation has now become as challenging and demanding career which requires eager and enthusiastic graduates having sound knowledge and professional expertise…. And this is where we come in with our quality program, dedicated faculty, land to lab linkages and much more. . 
If you are a prospective student, client, or an interested citizen who would like to have additional information about us, please explore our website. If you would like to visit us, please do not hesitate to contact me.
We are very excited to be here at this stage and with a 125 year illustrious heritage look forward to glorious future. Come meet us, join us ………
Dr. A. S. Ranade
Associate Dean
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