Post Mortem Examination of Domestic Animals

Post Mortem Examination of Domestic Animals
This course is designed to familiarize with learner with post mortem examination techniques and to perform the post mortem systematically, collect and dispatch the appropriate samples and write a report properly with handling of veterolegal cases.
The course has 10 modules with several sub modules containing enough information of various infectious and non-infectious diseases and various abnormalities observed in animals. At the end, an objective type of self assessment questioners is also provided.
1.  Introduction
2.  Preliminary preparations
3.  External examinations
4.  Post mortem of cattle
5.  Post mortem of sheep and goat
6.  Post mortem of canines
7.  Sample collection and dispatch
8.  Report writing and diagnosis
9.  Handing of veterolegal cases
10.              Disposal of carcass
11.              Self assessment test
Content is enriched with 240 colour photographs of various lesions and organ specific changes in cattle, sheep, goat and dogs. Around 89 video clips of detailed post mortem in large and small animals and canines are also incorporated.