Techniques in Small Animal Surgery -I

Techniques in Small Animal Surgery
Veterinary surgery is both an art and science and combines the knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Anesthiology and Radiology. Perfect and quick decision is usually required for the reversal or to stop the disease process in order to save the life of patient. The purpose of these course for Techniques in Small Animal Surgery -I is to provide easy, concise and latest information in the form of audio, video and text to the veterinarians in the form of CD ROM.
The course content includes use of anesthetic drugs in local and general anesthesia, their dose and contraindications with techniques.
The surgical procedures are described with regards to –
  1. 1.  Indications of surgery
  2. 2.  Anesthesia to be used
  3. 3.  Preparation of site
  4. 4.  Surgical anatomy and procedure
  5. 5.  Post operative care and
  6. 6.  Complications with treatments. 
Numbers of video clips of routine surgical procedures are incorporated as learner gets acquainted with the particular surgery. The small animal surgery includes-
  1. 1.  Spaying
  2. 2.  Pyometra
  3. 3.  Enterotomy
  4. 4.  Amputation of penis and scrotum for venereal granuloma
  5. 5.  Ventral hernia
  6. 6.  Cystotomy
  7. 7.  Tibial platting.