Completed Research Projects

1) “Utilisation of whey for the development of health drinks”. 
Significant achievement/technology developed
          Whey -the byproduct of dairy industry can be successfully used for the preparation of health drinks by heating it to 800C/no hold with addition  of 0.02 per cent (w/v) Sodium Benzoate and using flavors like Jaljeera, Lemon and Mango with addition of 7 % sugar. These drinks can be preserved for 48 hours at R.T. (25-300C) and for one month at refrigeration temperature (Below 300 C) without affecting any organo-leptic characteristics.
          This technology will not only generate employment, but also very beneficial in reducing pollution in the dairy industry by utilizing whey. 
2) “Detection of Pesticide Residues in Animal Products.”
“Establishment of facility for speciation of meat by molecular techniques”.