Poultry Science

Poultry Science Department is one of the outstanding departments ofBombayVeterinaryCollegewhich was earlier a constituentcollegeofKonkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli, and now is a constituentCollegeofMaharashtra AnimalandFisherySciencesUniversity,Nagpur, is a unique and prominent among the premier departments. This department has been engaged in education, research and extension in poultry science inMaharashtraState. It has been also on the forefront in catering to needs of farmers and the industry in the country for more than last three decades.
Hatched in 1975, the department has continued to play a vital role in augmenting development, research and extension activities associated with all round progress of poultry industry inIndia. Now it has become a trend- setting department in technology through an emphasis on research. A glance at the milestones in the journey of three decades by the department reveals that our graduates are highly sought after by the industry, academic institute, research laboratories and government agencies, at home and abroad.
            Department of Poultry Science, due to its reputation has always attracted highly talented, motivated and committed students from all over the country and continues to command this enviable position in the state and the country, even after the separate existence of the Department was at stake due to VCI regulations. The Department has striven hard to continue its separate existence and maintain excellence in teaching, research and extension. The culture of authenticity and excellence has been very meticulously nurtured over the years through the co-operative efforts of the staff of department
In spite of several brooding problems, this department has moved forward with determination and specific purpose in these three decades of its existence. Several of constraints have been cleared by sustained efforts and few more that do exist still, are likely to overcome in the near future. Building on its years of research and development activities, the department of poultry science is looking forward to new avenues of growth and modernization. Over the next few years, the department will aim at expanding its research and production capacity with ultra modern production facilities and diversification in the other species, conservation and efficiency of production. Its research and development activities are always aimed at solving the problems from the field. Our objective is to increase efficiency and profitability of farmers and we, as in the past, will innovate, develop and use technology, research and expertise to achieve this objective.
Bird Flu Awareness Campaign:
During the Bird Flu scare in Indiain 2006, the Department was actively involved in the ‘Bird Flu Awareness Campaign’ by Maharashtra Animal and FisherySciencesUniversity. Dr. A. S. Ranade, University Head of Department of Poultry Science had been identified as the Nodal Officer to address this issue. The staff members were involved in providing the technical information and support to the poultry industry, farmers as well as the common public by means of television interviews, press conferences, press interviews, press notes, interviews in different magazines, informative articles and radio talks, etc. As a part of this program, a symposium on ‘Bird flu- Current status, human health and strategies for future’ was organized by the department at BombayVeterinaryCollegein 2006. The Department has also organized ‘Eat Chicken Rally’ for awareness of farmers and consumers at Department of Poultry Science, BombayVeterinaryCollege, Mumbai on 3rd March 2006 to demonstrate that eating chicken and eggs is safe. 
The Department of Poultry Science was successful in removing the fears from the minds of people and the poultry industry by extensively participating and organizing chicken eating rallies, seminars, lectures, radio talks and writing articles to clarify the doubts in the minds of people at the time of ‘Bird Flu’ scare in 2006.
Organization of Annual Conference and National Symposium of Indian Poultry Science Association 2009 (IPSACON 2009):
 The XXVI Annual Conference and National Symposium of Indian Poultry Science Association (IPSACON 2009) was organized on 22nd to 24th October 2009, by the Department of Poultry Science,BombayVeterinaryCollege.  About 300 scientists, academicians, researchers, industry personnel and poultry farmers from all over the country attended the conference and the theme for this year’s conference was “Indian Poultry Sector & Global Scenario”.  Dr. B. Panda, Founder Director of Central Avian Research Institute, Izatnagar, U. P., an internationally renowned scientist and a graduate ofBombayVeterinaryCollege of year 1953 was the Chief Guest for the inauguration of the conference.  The function was also graced by Dr. P. K. Shukla, Joint Commissioner of Poultry, Government of India.  Dr. G. Devegowda, Dr. V. Ramasubba Reddy, Dr. S. V. S. Verma and Dr. R. N. Sreeniva Gowda were felicitated with the prestigious IPSA fellow award for their service and contribution to the field of Poultry Science.  Dr. A. S. Ranade was the Organizing Secretary of the conference and Dr. A. S. Ninave, Hon. Vice – Chancellor of Maharashtra Animal andFisherySciencesUniversity,Nagpur presided over the inaugural function. 
            Renowned scientists from all over the country and also a few international speakers delivered talks on topics of their expertise varying from breeding, management, poultry nutrition, feed technology, rural poultry production, avian health and post harvest technology.  These deliberations helped to highlight the future strategies for further improvements in poultry production technology with respect to education and research consideringIndia’s role in the global scenario.  The novel attraction of IPSACON 2009 was the AVITECH Young Scientist award to provide support to research scholars at the beginning of their careers.  The award was presented to Dr. N. Mitra fromCollegeofVeterinary Science,Ludhiana.  The well organized IPSACON 2009 was highly appreciated by all the delegates and Poultry Industry of India.
Livelihood and sustainability for tribals at Vikramgadh, District Thane:
   A pilot project to improve the provide livelihood and sustainability for a tribal family at Vikramgadh is supported by the Department of Poultry Science. A low input housing setup was designed and provided to a tribal family, a group of 50 layer birds were provided with the feed sufficient to last two months. Technical inputs and services are regularly provided to the family. The layer rearing setup has helped improve the financial as well as nutritional status of the family at Vikramgadh. The family now financially supports the whole setup with regular technical inputs from the department for nearly two years.