Retired Professors

Dr. M. V. Kulkarni  
Dr. M. V. Kulkarni was a graduate with B. V. Sc. degree, later on he went on to procure a Diploma in Animal Husbandry fromAustralia.
An all rounder in the true sense, he worked for the livestock sector meticulously.  One of the best extension workers of his time, he struggled for taking the technology from lab to the land and ensured that effective projects reached the farmers. A wonderful academician always kindled inquisitiveness and installed passion, which he had in the students. A very intelligent person, he was one of the best in livestock judging including poultry.  His judgment was considered to be the last word in any contest.
An extremely innovative, he initiated and even headed the Animal Nutrition Department for sometime. But most of all, his contribution of initiating the Department of Poultry Science is noted. In 1975, under his leadership and guidance, the Department of Poultry Science.  He acted as guide for eleven M. V. Sc. Students and one Ph. D. Scholar.
Dr. B. V. Rajmane