Veterinary Anatomy and Histology

Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology is existing since the inception of this college. This Department is dealing with teaching and research in basic subject of Veterinary Science which is pre-requisite for other disciplines / subjects. Post-graduate study was started from the year 1963 and Ph. D. by research in 1986.
            This Department places on record the meritorious services of Professors Drs. K. R. Alur, M. H. Nagamia, P. V. Naik, S. S. Mehendale and M. J. Mahajan.
In addition to the routine teaching and research work, this Department is assisting forensic laboratory and police Department in identification of bones, hides and skins of various animals in medico-legal cases.
            The staff members of this department have actively participated by delivering the lectures on Anatomy to various farmers training courses in Maharashtra and application of Anatomy in the field for the practitioners and personnel working the pharmaceuticals.
            This Department has very good collection of the skeletons of all domestic and wild animals. The visceral organs of almost all domestic and some of the wild animals have been collected and preserved for teaching purposes as well as for the museum. This Department is also organizing the horse-riding course for fourth year students at Mahalaxmi racecourse with the help of Amateur Riders’ club.
            The staff members of this Department are looking after the hostel administration as well as working on National professional bodies.
Departmental staff participated in NSS special camping programme held by the college.
Departmental staff conducted L. S. S. Training theory and practical classes for three years at Lanja in Anatomy discipline (1983, 84 and 85).
Departmental staff conducted Poultry Anatomy theory and practical classes in Marathi during Farmer’s Poultry training programme since 1984.
Departmental staff conducted Anatomy classes for U. P. S. C. Main Examination at State Institute for Administrative Careers in 1987.
Departmental staff conducted theory and practical classes of Anatomy during refresher’s course for newly appointed persons in various Pharmaceuticals.
Departmental staff delivered a lecture on Anatomical consideration of Canine skin diseases to small animal Practitioners on 28/11/1997.
delivered a lecture on “Applied Anatomy (Dog and Cat) for Pet Practitioner” during Short Term Course on “Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment of Small Animals Diseases Organized by the Department of Medicine on 06/09/1999.
Departmental staff acting as a Referee for Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, Journal of Dharwad Agriculture University and Cherion (The Tamil Nadu Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry) for Anatomical publications.
Departmental staff acted as Joint Secretary of XII Convention of I. A. V. A. and national Symposium at Nagpur Veterinary College during 17 – 19 October 1997.
Department Organized the XVII Convention of I. A. V. A. and National Symposium at Bombay Veterinary College during 14 – 16 November 2002.
Department Organized the IV Convention of I. A. V. A. and National Seminar at Bombay Veterinary College on 11th May 2007.
Contributions :
  1. Developed the methods (I. P. and D. P.) for the identification of sex from the     bones of  Murrah buffalo
  2. Developed the method for Muzzle printometry and classified the muzzle prints     for identification of an individual animal in cattle.
  3. Developed the technique for the identification of B and T lymphocytes by PAP and ANAE method respectively.
  4. Developed the Scale casting method of hair as alternative method for TEM of hair
  5. Prepared and developed the specimen preservation techniques like taxidermy of fishes, birds, reptiles and small mammals, Freeze drying formalin fumigated dry specimen, corrosion casts / luminal cast by using various industrial chemicals and adaptation of the plastination technique.
  6. Two question bank, Audio-visual aids including computer aided learning CDs of  Dissection and Histology, Four UG and One PG practical Manuals prepared and one Marathi and one English chapters of the books were written.