Awards and Recognition

Achievements and Contributions:
  1. Developed the methods (I. P. and D. P.) for the identification of sex from the     bones of  Murrah buffalo
  2. Developed the method for Muzzle printometry and classified the muzzle prints     for identification of an individual animal in cattle.
  3. Developed the technique for the identification of B and T lymphocytes by PAP and ANAE method respectively.
  4. Developed the method for Muzzle printometry and classified the muzzle prints for identification of an individual animal in cattle
  5. Four question banks, Audio-visual aids including computer aided learning CDs of Dissection and Histology, Four UG and One PG practical Manuals prepared and one Marathi and one English chapter of the books were written.
  1. Developed some innovative museum techniques in Anatomical Teaching and Extension activities: It included Taxidermy, Freeze drying and Skeleton preparation by using enzymes. Plastination included different methods as whole organ plastination, sheet plastination & luminal cast plastination.
  2. Developed Scale Cast method as alternative method for SEM for identification of animal species from hair. Study was conducted on cattle, buffalo, horse, dog, cat, sheep, goat, rabbit and camel (domestic animals) and lion, tiger, leopard, deer, Antelope, Monkey, Nilgai and Deer (wild animals). Scale cast method was easy, quick and less expensive method for identification of scale pattern which was found effective and simple to differentiate hair structure from one body region to another body region.
  3. The staff of this department receive various awards like IAVA Fellow, Young Scientist,  Rajeshwar Rao Memorial and three best paper award
  4. Dr. (Miss.) Deepa R. Kothule received Dr. A. M. Shrivastava Award for best M. V. Sc. thesis research work (Hair – Anatomical tool for identification of domestic and wild animals).
Awards: Staff members of this department received various awards as follow:
  1. Dr. P. L. Dhande received Best Teacher award on 6th September 1998 from the “Apang Maitry” by the hand of Hon. Education Minister,MaharashtraState
  2. Departmental staff received six Best paper presentation awards for presentation of research paper in various National Conferences of IAVA.
  3. Dr. P. L. Dhande received Dr. G. R. Murkibhavi Memorial Award for the year 1998 for best research paper entitled, “Sweat glands, Sebaceous glands and Hair follicles distribution different in various body regions of Mehsana Buffalos” published in Indian Veterinary Journal Vol. 78 (6): 562.
  4. Dr. P. L. Dhande received State level “Shikshak Bhushan Gurugaurav award” (2003) from ManushyabalLoksevaAcademy.
  5. Dr. P. L. Dhande received Scroll of Honour (2003) from the Hon. Vice-Chancellor, Maharashtra Animal and FisherySciencesUniversity, Seminary Hills, Nagpur– 6.
  6. Dr. P. L. Dhande received Scroll of Honour in 2005 from the Dean, BombayVeterinaryCollege, Parel, Mumbai – 400 012.
  7. Received National integrity Fellowship award in 2005 from the Maharashtra State News paper Reporter and Editor Association.
  8. Dr. P. L. Dhande received Fellow IAVA Award for admiration of the services rendered to the discipline of Veterinary Anatomy and to the IAVA during XIX IAVA Convention  in 2006
  9. Received Late Dr. Rajeshwarrao memorial award for “Application of Veterinary Anatomy in small animal Endoscopy (Esophagoscopy)” during XIX IAVA Convention in 2006
  10. Dr. S. A. Gaikwad received Young Scientist award for “Application of some innovative museum Techniques in Anatomical teaching and Extension activities.” during XIX IAVA Convention in 2006.
  11. Received Best M. V. Sc. thesis award