Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension Education

The Extension Department of Bombay Veterinary College started in the year 1964 as a plan project of the Third Five year plan under the ICAR grants.
            The Extension teaching as a special subject of studies was started in 1965 which is also offering courses in Agriculture, statistics and livestock economics along with Extension teaching in the department. Department of poultry sciences was also under this department till 1981during this period twelve students have been awarded M.V.Sc. in poultry science.
            National services Scheme (NSS) is another major activity of the college where students and staff of the college gets involved in various activities such as awareness of this faculty in general public through various services for rural and urban beneficiaries. In this programme students performe and get involved along with the staff’s.
            In 1972, poultry production course for the farmers was initiated and by the end of 1984 about 200 farmers have established their own farms around Bombay.
            Extension Department also organizes cattle judging, debating and elocution competition for students and lead the successful teams for the All India contests. The students of this institute have won many prizes at the All India Live-stock contests.
            On the eve of Golden Jubilee celebration of ICAR in 1979-80, a “Lab to land programme” was taken up for social and economic up-liftment of small and marginal farmers as well as agriculture land laborers. Under this programme, Goats and poultry birds were distributed along with required resources to the selected families of Shahapur Block of Thane District. The know how about improved technology for animal and poultry production as well as improved production practices were also made available for the selected families. Under this scheme graft of Alphonso mango, chickoo and seedlings of jackfruits, black paper, coconuts were also distributed to these selected families.
            Dr. M.V. Kulkarni, Prof. of Extension and poultry science had very strong animal husbandry base under whose leadership the department activities of both Extension and Poultry Science were at the peak. After his retirement Dr. S.G. Koranne held the post of Prof. of extension who also contributed substantially to the growth of the department.
            The services rendered by Dr. B.V. Rajmane, Shri Deshpande Shri. Gadki, Shri S. M. Deshpande Shri Dudhane M.L.  Dr. P. M. Mane, Shri A.T. Kumbhar and Miss. S.R. Pawar. Dr. A. A. Shaikh, Dr. S. H. Gawande as a faculty from time to time have contributed a lot towards the progress of the Department.