Awards and Recognition

Department of Veterinary Medicine
Awards and Receognisation
1)     Awards of Dr. D.V. Keskar
Merit cum means scholarship for undergraduate programme for the year’s 1972‑77
Merit scholarship for the post‑graduate programme for 1978 – 1980.
Third rank in poultry judging conducted by the ICAR at Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai in 1976.
Act as Raporteur for “Parasitic diseases includes helminth infections” Section V of XVth Annual Convention (ISVM) and National Symposium on “Health Care Practices for Livestock Productivity in 21st Century” held at Nagpur during 1997.
First prize for the best oral presentation of the paper entitled on “Epidemiological Pattern of Black Quarter and Enterotoxaemia in Western Maharashtra” by XXII Annual Convention of ISVM and National Symposium organized by Division of Medicine, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, U.P. from 11-13th February 2004. 
“Scroll of Honour” from the Dean, Bombay Veterinary College, Parel, Mumbai-400 012 for the outstanding and meritorious professional services rendered which was conferred on 26th January 2005. 
Best poster presentation award for Research Paper entitled “Herd Health and Production Management: A model system for Indian Dairy” during  XXIII ISVM Annual Convention and National Symposium College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, Indira Gandhi Agricultural University, Durg, Chhatisgarh from 2-4th February 2005.
Best poster presentation award for Research Paper entitledEvaluation of hepatoprotective activity of Lawsonia inermis stem bark” during XXIV National Symposium and Annual convention of ISVM on “Current Trends in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approach towards better health and production in Livestock, poultry and companion animals” held on 22nd to 24th February-2006, at Department of Medicine, Veterinary College, KVAFSU, Hebbal, Bangalore.
Recipient of Appreciation Award from Indian Society for Veterinary Medicine on 26/02/2007 for Devoted Services to the Society for the year 2006 during XXV Annual Convention held at G.B.Pant University of Agruculture and Technology, Pantnagar. 
2)     Awards of Dr. D.G.Dighe
Awarded appreciation award by Indian Society for Veterinary Medicine during ISVM conference held at Mumbai Veterinary College during 2011.
Awarded Gold Medal for best PhD thesis in Preventive Medicine in year 2000.
Senior Research Fellowship, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi for the years 1995‑98, Awarded on the basis of All India Competitive Examination.
Awarded National Eligibility test in Veterinary Medicine in 1997.
 Merit scholarship of Govt. of Maharashtra for the years, 1982‑85
Awarded National Merit Scholarship in 1980  
3)     Awards of Dr. R.D. Velhankar
Passed B.V.Sc & A.H. degree with First Class First with Distinction – “GOLD  MEDALIST”
Awarded G.B.Shiralkar Prize for having highest marks in Gynaecology and Obstetrics.
Awarded “Gold Medal” at All India Inter Veterinary University  Essay Competition
Awarded I.C.A.R.  Junior Fellowship in the subject of  “Veterinary Medicine”
4)     Awards of Dr. C.N.Galdhar
Awarded with ‘Certificate of Honour’ in year 2004 for publication of best clinical entitled “Current concepts in Aetiopathogenesis, differential diagnosis and treatment of Seizures in canines” in Intas Polivet.
Awarded with ‘Intas Young Scientist Award’ in year 2005 for presentation of research work entitled “Nuclear Scintigraphy to evaluate hepatobiliary perfusion and to diagnose liver diseases in canines”.
 Awarded with ‘Certificate of Merit’ in year 2005 for presentation of M.V.Sc. thesis research paper entitled “Comparative efficacy of some anthelmintics against naturally occurring cases of bovine paramphistomiasis”
Awarded with ‘ISVM Appreciation Award’ in year 2005 for outstanding research contribution in Veterinary Medicine.
Awarded with Certificate of Merit in year 2007 for best oral presentation of the research paper entitled “Babesiosis in Dairy Cows of Lusai Hill, Mizoram- A Report”.
Awarded with ‘Best Paper Presentation Award’ in year 2009 for paper entitled “Therapeutic Management of Listeriosis in Bullock – A Case Report”
Awarded with ‘Certificate of Merit’ in year 2011 for best oral presentation of the research paper entitled “Studies on Doxorubicin induced cardio toxicity and its evaluation by gallium scintigraphy in rabbits”
Awarded with ‘Certificate of Merit’ in year 2011 for best oral presentation of the research paper entitled “Portosystemic shunt diagnosis by Nuclear Medicine techniques”
First post graduate student guided by Dr. Galdhar (Name of the student- Miss. Sonal S. Ugile) has conferred with Intas Young Scientist Award in year 2011 for the thesis work entitled Studies On Bio-Distribution Of Nanoparticulate Buparvoquone  In Rats And Its Efficacy In  Bovine.
Awarded with best paper presentation award in year 2012 for the presentation of the paper “Evaluation of Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction (LVEF) By Nuclear Medicine Techniques In Rabbits”.
Elected as Regional Secretary (Western Region) for the ISVM (Year 2006 to 2008).