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Gopinath B., Das A. M., Sherikar, A.A and Gandge R. S.
Trypsin inhibition spot test in the determination of Bovine subclinical Mastitis
Journal ofBombayVeterinaryCollege/ 2003
11: 12-14
Das A. M., Kasalkar, Sherikar A.A., Majee S.B., Gandge R. S. & Rathod P. N.
Application of DOT-ELISA in the serological survey of brucellosis among buffaloes
Journal ofBombayVeterinaryCollege/ 2004
12:  25 -27
Majee S.B.,  Rane V.R. Sherikar A.A. Das A.M.& Awandkar S.P.
Serosurveillance & isolation ofNewcastledisease & Infectious Bursal Disease Virus in Vidarbha Region.       
Indian Veterinary Journal / 2005
82: 300-304
S.B.Majee and A.A. Sherikar
Detection and isolation of FMDV from fresh and frozen meats
The Blue Cross Book / 2005
24: 41– 48
Gandge R.S., Karpe A.G. & Gujar M.B.
Curing of drug resistant & virulent plasmids of of Escherichi coli
Journal ofBombayVeterinaryCollege/ 2005.
13: 28-29
Awandkar, S.B.Majee, A.A. Sherikar and V. S. Ghanbahaddur
Characterization of structural fourteen of velogenic field isolate and vaccine strain (R2B and lasota) NDV by PAGE-SDS 
Indian Journal
Animal science / 2006
76: 188-190
Das A. M. & Sherikar A. A.
In vitro antibacterial activity of two herbal feed supplements against Brachyspira hyodysenteriae & pilosicoli
Journal ofBombayVeterinaryCollege/ 2007
Majee S. B., Sherikar A. A, Shetty V. H. Angadi S. A., Karmakar D. B. & Karikkathil S. S.
Enterobacter Sakazakii : Enterotoxin production and Invitro Cytotoxicity
Journal ofBombayVeterinaryCollege/ 2007
15: 101-102
Majee S.B., Sherikar A. A., Gaikwad R. E. Khurud V. B., Suryawanshi P.R., Sagar P., Gaikwad S.P., Kothawale S.T.
Study of seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis in goats.
Journal ofBombayVeterinaryCollege/ 2007
15: 137-138
S. B. Majee
BSE & VCJD : latest strategies in treatment (Review article)
Vets. Communications / 2007
2: 8-12
Mhase P. P., Suryawanshi P. R. & Harne S. D.,
Aerobic Bacterial flora of subclinical Goat Mastitis in Vidharbha region ofMaharashtra
Journal ofBombayVeterinaryCollege  / 2007
15: 50-51
Mhase P. P., Suryawanshi P. R. & Harne S. D.,
Antibiogram of aerobic bacteria associated with Goat Mastitis
Journal ofBombayVeterinaryCollege/ 2007
15: 52-54
Mhase P. P., Suryawanshi P. R. & Harne S. D.,
Comparative efficacy of different direct and indirect tests for diagnosis of Mastitis in goats
Journal ofBombayVeterinaryCollege/ 2007
15: 59-62
Mhase P. P., Suryawanshi P. R. & Harne S. D.,
Characterization of Staphylococci of caprine mastitis.
Journal ofBombayVeterinaryCollege/ 2007
15: 129-130
Sivakumar D., Majee S.B., Chander R.
Cell mediated immune response of chicks to in-oivo vaccination with irradiated ND vaccine
Journal ofBombayVeterinaryCollege/ 2008
16:  54-56
Kadam D.P., Palampalle H.Y., Mhase P.P., Sabale S.S., Shinde P.R., Yerolkar A.J., Rathod S.B., Nehete R.S.
A rare case of Sarcocystis muris in laboratory mice
Journal ofBombayVeterinaryCollege/ 2008
16: 61-62.
R.S.Gandage and A.A. Sherikar
Effect of Deutrium oxide on growth of Salmonella Gallinarum
Indian Journal of Comparative Microbiology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases / 2008
29: 63-64
Karikkathil S.S. S.B. Majee, D.B. Karmakar R.E. Gaikwad V.B. Khurud
Detection & characterization of virulent Mareks’disease  virus in cell culture  
IJCMIID / 2008
29:   9-11.
V.S. Madnalwar, M.P. Sawane, V.D. Pawar, P.A. Patil, A.P. Fernandis and A.S. Bannalikar
Genotyping the prolactin gene in Pandharpuri Buffaloes By PCR-RFLP
BuffaloBulletin / 2010
29: 88-91
Joshi, D.M., Deore, S.N., Kadam, K.D., Mondal, A., Suryawanshi, P.R., Dhage, R.V., Majee, S.B., Gandage, R.S. and Bannalikar, A.S.
Detection and titration of antirabies IgG from serum and cerebrospinal fluid
Journal ofBombayVeterinaryCollege/ 2010
18: 76-77
Gandage, R.S., Sherikar, A.A. and Majee, S.B.
Effect of deuterium oxide on morphology and colony characters of various bacteria
Journal ofBombayVeterinaryCollege/ 2010
18: 75-76
Gandage, R.S. and Sherikar, A.A.
Thermostabilizing property of deuterium oxide on haemorrhagic septicaemia vaccine
Comparative Microbiology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases / 2010
Gandge R.S., Sherikar A.A. and Majee S.B.
Thermostabilizing property of  deuterium oxide on morphology and colony characters of various bacteria
J. Bom. Vet. Coll. / 2010
18 (1) :
Anjan Mondal, S. B. Majee and A. S. Bannalikar
RNA-PAGE analysis of rotavirus isolated from diarrhoeic faecal samples of bovine and children
J. Interacad. / 2010
14 (3) :
Mahajan, M.V. Gadekar Y. P, Dighe V. D, Kokane R. D, Bannalikar A. S
Molecular detection of meat animal species targeting MT 12S rRNA gene
Meat Science / 2011
88: 23-27
Londhe SP, Bannalikar AS and Dighe VD.
Serodetection of bovine
brucellosis by RBPT and AB-ELISA
Animal Science Reporter / 2011
Anjan Mondal, S.B. Majee, A.S. Bannalikar
Molecular Characterization of VP7 Gene of Bovine Group A Rotavirus
Animal Science Reporter / 2011
5: 27-33
Londhe SP, Bannalikar AS and Dighe VD.
Detection of Brucella abortus in buffalo blood and milk by IS711 PCR assay
Journal of  Veterinary Public Health / 2011
In Press
Londhe SP, Aher AS,BannalikarASand Dighe VD.
Evaluation of efficacy of BCSP 31 kDa and IS711 PCR assays in detection of bovine brucellosis
The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences / 2011
In Press
Aher A.S., Londhe S.P., Bannalikar A.S., Mhase P.P. and Dighe VD
Detection of brucellosis in occupationally exposed humans by molecular and serological techniques
Indian Journal of Comparative Microbiology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases / 2011
In Press
Anjan Mondal, Ranjit Aich, S.B. Majee and A.S. Bannalikar
Determination of bovine rotavirus G serotype by polymerase chain reaction
Trop. Anim. Health Prod. / 2011
In Press
R.S.Gandage and Sherikar, A.A.
Effect of deuterium oxide on growth of Pasteurella multocida
Indian of Journal of Animal Science / 2011
In Press
Anjan Mondal, S. B. Majee and A. S. Bannalikar
VP7 gene specific RT-PCR for detection of human rotaviruses from stool samples
J. Interacad. / 2011
Anjan Mondal, V. S. Dangle and S. B. Majee
An outbreak of buffalopox in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) dairy herds inKolhapur,India
Ind. Vet. J ./ 2011 .
In Press
 Guhagarkar S. A., Majee S. B.,  Samad A and Devarajan  P. V.
Evaluation of pullulan-functionalized doxorubicin nanoparticles for asialo glycoprotein receptor-mediated uptake in Hep G2 cell line
Cancer Nanotechnology:BasicTranslational and Clinical Research / 2011
 Online First
 Kakwani M D,  Suryavanshi P S, Muktikant Ray , M. G. R. Rajan , Majee S B,
Samad A, Padma Devarajan , Mariam S. Degani
Design, synthesis and antimycobacterial activity of cinnamide derivatives:
A molecular hybridization approach
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters / 2011
21: 1997–1999
Aher A. S, Londhe S.P, Mhase P.P, Bannalikar A. S, Dighe V. D.
Comarison of serological methods for the detectin of B. abortus antibodies in sera from infected bovines
The Indian Journal of Field Veterinarians / 2011
In Press