Completed Research Projects

Research schemes completed by the Department in the last decade
a.      International projects:
1. “Molecular epidemiology of cystic echinococcosis in food animals in India” in       collaboration with University of Queensland, Australia
2. “Survey of canine gastrointestinal parasites and vector borne diseases in India” in collaboration with University of Queensland, Australia & M/s Bayer Animal Healthcare, Germany
   b.      National projects:
1. Immunodiagnosis of bladder worms of food animals (ICAR, New Delhi)
c. Agency Schemes:
1. Curative efficacy of Toltrazuril against commonly occurring pathogenic species of               coccidia in broiler birds
2. Studies on tropical bovine theileriosis in cross-bred cattle with special reference to immune response to vaccination
3. Studies on immunoprophylactic efficacy of concealed gut antigen of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus (Bm95) against ixodid ticks of cattle
4.  In-vitro efficacy of cattle IGR feed premix
5. Curative efficacy of Linrow M against commonly occurring roundworm     infestations    in layer birds
6. Efficacy of Flygaard based formulations as feed premix for control of houseflies in poultry
7. Efficacy of AV/FRC/18 (Herbal ectoparasiticide) against commonly occurring     tick and lice infestations on cattle
8. Clinical trial on efficacy of diminazene aceturate 7% RTU injection against      trypanosomiasis and babesiosis in bovines and equines
9.    Efficacy of amitraz pour on formulation on cattle naturally infested with ixodid ticks
10. Efficacy of fenbendazole rafoxanide combination against nematode and trematode   infestation in bovines