Awards and Recognition

  1. In poultry, research work has been undertaken on IBD, Gangrenous dermatitis, Adeno virus, fatty liver kidney syndrome, stunting syndrome, hydropericardium syndrome, heat stress and on managemental problems 
  2.  In bovines, IgG was isolated for the first time from buffalo calves and heavy mortality noted in male buffalo calves was correlated to deficiency of Ig G
  3. Exfoliative vaginal cytology was undertaken in order to achieve better understanding to interpret reproductive disorders in cattle and it was correlated with the hormonal profile
  4. This department investigated fluorosis in cattle in state Government farm and was successful in tracing the source of contamination
  5. Undertaken diagnosis of diseases of wild animals and birds and has been constantly associated with Jijamata Udyan Byculla and Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali
  6. Toxicopathological studies
  7. Incidence of Metabolic and Nutritional diseases and their impact on immunological and health status of cattle in Konkan region
  8. Immunopathology of canine mammary tumour
  9. Immunopathology of lamb mortality
  10.  A study of Atherosclerosis in bovines
  11.  The department is working on Epidemiology and Immuno-pathology of Bovine        squamous cell carcinoma with special reference to horn and eye cancer
  12.  Pathological studies of thyroids in animals
  13. Clinicopathological aspect of canine nephropathy
  14. Diagnosis of Leptospira from Canine and laboratory animals
  15. Studies on Amyloidosis and Immunohematological status  of equine during polyvalent antivenom production