Ongoing Research Projects

Name of Scheme
Open and Distance Learning courses for qualified field veterinarians.
Sponsoring Agency
Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Canada.
Salient Feature:
Qualified and practicing veterinarians in the field are the potential leaders, who can guide the farming community in the promotion of animal wealth. Many of these veterinarians are working in remote places. To enable them to perform optimally, their learning/training interests and needs are to be spelt out and attended to.
It is essential to update their knowledge and skills and apply it for better production from animals and increasing the income of animal holders. This, in routine, is not possible due to financial crunch and inability of the learner to be absent from his job for a long period. Moreover, tremendous growth of knowledge compels one for regular updating of knowledge and skills, which probably is impossible with conventional ways.
Distance learning, through Information and Communication Technology, was thought to be useful way for the same. With the support from Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Vancouver, Canada and International Services for National Agricultural Research (ISNAR) The Netherlands, a survey was undertaken with the Coordination and guidance from Dr. Krishna Alluri, Project Coordinator,COL and Dr., Ajit Maru, Research Officer, ISNAR.
The participants showed lot of interest and enthusiasm in training and refreshing and updating their knowledge. Though a new concept, they showed their willingness to accept almost any course through distance learning. Looking to this need, as a pilot project, this course, for the qualified field veterinarians is developed by the Bombay Veterinary College
Following courses are developed by Bombay Veterinary College under this project-
1. Post Mortem Examination of Domestic Animals
2. Diagnosis of Parasitic Diseases
3. Techniques in Small Animal Surgery -I
4. Techniques in Large Animal Surgery – I  
These courses are available to the Vet. Graduates (BVSc./ BVSc & AH, MVSc degree holders) with registrations from State Vet Council. The three courses are in pipeline as detailed below-
  1. Diagnosis Of Wild Animal Diseases
  2. Clinical Pathology: Field Diagnostic Tool
  3. Ultrasonography of Small Animals
Project 2:
Name of Scheme
Establishment Of Diagnostic Laboratory For Animals And Birds
Sponsoring Agency
Indian Council of Agricultural Research
Main theme of scheme:
  •  To provide the facilities for investigation of clinical and morbid material to animal / pet owners and concerned veterinary practitioners.
  • To create a relevant data base on the clinicopathological findings related with various disease conditions in animals.
  • To acquaint the undergraduate and post-graduate students with handling and examination of clinical material for various tests.
  • To establish a commercially viable veterinary diagnostic laboratory and generate funds for strengthening the facilities of the department.
Accomplishment of target preferably in numerical terms:
More than mentioned number of samples are received and examined, but many of the services are to be provided free of cost for college animals, students and SPCA hospital patients, reducing the receipts.
End user beneficiaries: Farmers, livestock owners, pet owners, state govt. veterinarians, central poultry development organization, national park, Municipal Zoo, pharma companies, Research Institutes and U.G. and P.G. Students.