Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology

A brief history of the department:
In 1975, two eminent scientists, Dr. S. M. Ajinkya and Dr. J. B. Khot, established the Department of Food Hygiene and Public Health (now renamed as Department of Veterinary Public Health). Since then the department made successful progress by keeping pace with time under the leadership of Dr. A. T. Sherikar, Professor and Head of the Department and founder Vice-Chancellor, Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences University (MAFSU), Nagpur. The post graduate and doctoral programme were initiated in the year 1976 and 1985, respectively. The laboratory has its own identification of team work, dedication, expertise, skill and punctuality and therefore it has been identified and recognized by Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) for certification of foods of animal origin. Besides, extensive work has been done by this laboratory in the field of quality control and monitoring of livestock and poultry food, products improvement of meat quality and shelf life by deploying various organic acids, salts, irradiation technology, standardization of the protocols for meat speciation and species identification. Thus, based on previous extension work carried out by the department, departmental laboratory is recognized as a referral laboratory by the government of India.
Department has successfully implemented seven ad-hoc research projects with the financial assistance from Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India, APEDA and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC). The Department has also conducted seven national level advanced short term training courses on “Meat Processing and Quality Control” and one international Indo-Italian collaborative training programme on “Animal Commodities” under the auspicious Guidance of Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India, for human resource development in the country. Also a Food Safety (HACCP) Auditor Training Course in collaboration with DET NORSKE VERITAS AS was organized during 29th August, 2005 to 2nd September, 2005. Further, a training programme on “Standardization and Calibration Practices for Food Industries” was organized in collaboration with Institute for Design of Electrical Measuring Instruments during 9-10 January, 2006. By considering the contributions so far made by this department, this laboratory was identified as Lead Centre for the National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP) on “Quality Assurance and Monitoring of Foods of Livestock Origin” for which Dr. A. T. Sherikar and Dr. A. M. Paturkar acted as Principal Investigators. Due to the enormous work carried out during the last 29 years, the department is now envisaged into a referral laboratory by successful accomplishment of the NATP project “Establishment of Western Region Referral Laboratory for Meat and Meat Products’ Quality Standards”, Principal Investigator for this project was Dr. A. M. Paturkar. This facility was inaugurated by Hon’ble Shri Sharad Pawar, Union Minister of Agriculture, Food, Public Distribution and Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India and President, ICAR, New  Delhi, on Friday 4th February, 2004.
 Staff Positions:  
Positions                         No of posts                               
Professor                          One                              
Associate  Professor       One (Two Vacant)     
Assistant  Professor       Three                            
Laboratory  Asst.            Two
Labourers                         Four
Mazdoor                           One
  1. To impart training in the meat, food hygiene and public health to under graduate students.
  2. To impart advanced postgraduate training in the different branches and aspect of meat hygiene and public health. e.g. methods of processing of meats, preservation of meats by different methods, spoilage and deteriorative changes in the meat, bacteriological and chemical  assay, food borne diseases, Zoonoses, examination of fish, poultry, eggs, milk products, meat products etc. Occupational health, preventive and social medicine, food poisoning, HACCP in industry etc.
  3. Human Resource Development by conducting shout term courses for the benefits of veterinarians engaged in slaughter house meat inspectors food and public health inspectors, butchers and slaughter house technicians in different branches with the object of producing wholesome meat
  4. To train marketing officers and inspectors in the procedure of sampling of food articles for bacteriological and chemical examination in order to determine the fitness of food for human consumption.
  5. Harmonization of meat trade with relation with WHO and GATT  and act as nodal agency
  6. To conduct investigation and research on the meat, carcasses meat food product, ready to eat and ready to cook meat food product, in order to establish the standards both for bacteriological and chemicals present. 
 An NABL Accreditated Western Region Referral Laboratory
Department of Veterinary Public Health
Bombay Veterinary College, Parel, Mumbai – 12
The Department of Veterinary Public Health of the Bombay Veterinary College has established the “Western Region Referral Laboratory for Meat and Meat Products Quality Standards” with funding from Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi under National Agricultural Technology Project (ToE mode). The establishment of this modern laboratory which is presently well equipped with all facilities and manpower is the outcome of the many years of Research and Development (R & D) work of the scientists of this department who have developed the technical know-how to undertake the analysis of meat and meat products for all type of Quality parameters – Physical, Chemical, Microbiological, Residual pesticides and antimicrobials, etc.
This state-of-art laboratory is well equipped with modern and sophisticated equipments like Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer-Mass Spectrometer, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS), Gas Chromatography- Electron Capture Detector (GC-ECD), Gas Chromatography- Flame Thermionic Detector (GC-FTD), Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry, Auto-extractor, UV-visible spectrophotometer, PCR, etc. has undergone a complete transformation into one of the best chemical/biological and analytical testing facilities in the field of veterinary science.
This laboratory under the Central Sector Scheme entitled “Monitoring of Pesticide Residues at National Level” has undertaken monitoring of pesticide residues in foods of animal origin. Initially, the laboratory was engaged in detection of 14 organochlorine, 7 organophosphorus and 4 Synthetic Pyrethroid residues from Fat, Meat, Liver, Kidney and chicken eggs by liquid-liquid extraction method. However the laboratory standardized and validated a solid phase extraction procedure for the detection of 11 organochlorine and 1 organophosphorus residues from meat and chicken egg. Over all five years of extensive experience of this laboratory in pesticide residue analysis and its expertise, competency and efficiency, WRRL has been recently granted accreditation by National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories, Vide Letter No. NABL/T/1481/11/04, Dated: 27.07.2011 for chemical testing in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (Certificate No. T-2007). This is the first Veterinary laboratory to receive NABL accreditation in the country for pesticide residue analysis in complex food matrices of animal origin.
 The laboratory is committed for Quality Services under the able guidance of Dr. A.M. Paturkar, Quality Manger and Associate Dean of Bombay Veterinary College along with his team Dr. R.J. Zende, Technical Manger and Professor; Dr. V.M. Vaidya, Assistant Professor, Dr. S. G. Bhandare, Assistant Professor, Dr. Nagappa S. Karabasanavar, Assistant Professor, Dr. Amila B. Kadam, Research Associate and Mrs. Trupti P. Padalkar, Senior Research Fellow.
 VPH Vision 2025:
The Department of Veterinary Public Health would strive for development of reference centre for zoonotic disease diagnosis as per the Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences University’s strategy mentioned in its MAFSU Vision 2025 document. The health education programs on zoonotic diseases would be undertaken. Also, studies on impact of Leptospirosis in man and animals would be carried out.  For improvement of animal product safety standards for fresh and preserved meats would be evolved. Fixing standards for meat products, evolving newer techniques of merchandising meat and meat products, production of commercial test kits to check malpractices in meat trade would be our priorities. The department would involve in the development of protocols for food safety, quality control with special emphasis on TQM/HACCP and evolve strategies for hygienic meat production. The department would formulate policies for reorganization and reorientation of meat trade to suit global challenge.
Facilities available for Academic/ Research/ Industrial collaboration
(List of equipments/ instruments, etc)
1.         ‘IMECO’ Ultrasonic cleaner model
2.         “Door closer”
3.         4-Drawers filling cabinet
4.         Accaire air conditioners
1.         Air purifier
2.         Air-Conditioner
3.         Alarm Timer
5.         Aluminum Buckets 12”x 12”
6.         Aluminum Buckets 6”x 6”
7.         Aluminum Buckets 9”x 9”
8.         Aluminum Rods
9.         Aluminum vessel
4.         Anaerobic culture jar
5.         Antibiotic Disc Dispenser
6.         Aquaguard Water Purifier
10.       Audio aid (system) sound system
7.         Auto Extractor
8.         Autoclave Large Verticle
11.       Autoclave vertical
9.         Automatic Loop Sterilizer
12.       Automatic slide projector
10.       B.O.D. Cooled Incubator
11.       Bacteriological colony counter
13.       Bacteriological digital colony counter
14.       Bacteriological Incubator
15.       Binocular Microscope No. PZO 11443
12.       Binocular Microscope Olymplus
16.       Book case
17.       Book case 4 drawers
18.       Book case unit
13.       Bowl Chopper
19.       Brothymol blue indicator disc
20.       Butcher’s knife
21.       Butchering set of knives
14.       C.C.D. Camera
22.       C.I. Weight set (5 pcs)
15.       Casio Calculator
23.       Chair cane seat and back
24.       Chair with arm
16.       Chairs with tablet
17.       Chilling Cabinet
25.       Clamps Burette
18.       Colony Counter
26.       Colorimeter ‘Kleft’
27.       Computer black & white monitor
19.       Computer Chair
20.       Computer Intel PI 550 MHZ
21.       Computer Table
28.       Concord water filter
22.       Constant Temperature Bath
29.       Cooking tank
30.       Cork Borer
23.       Cox tracer peripheral kit
31.       Cupboard 4 shelves
24.       Cyclo Mixer
25.       Deep Freezer (300 Lt.)
32.       Digital Electro-Phoretic Apparatus
26.       Digital temp. & humidity deta system
27.       Direct Q 5 with Pyrogard purification system
33.       Door closer
28.       Double Distillation Glass set
34.       Drawers Racks
35.       Electric Mincer
29.       Electric oven
36.       Enamel Basin
37.       Enamel Bowl 6”
38.       Enamel Buckets cap. 10 lit.
39.       Enamel trays 30 x 25 x 4 cm
30.       Enameled Bucket
40.       Epidioscope
41.       Epson – LX 300 printer
31.       EPSON LQ 1070 Printer
42.       Filex revolving stools
32.       Filter assembly
43.       Forceps  Mouse Toothed
33.       Forceps 4”
44.       Forceps 5” Mouse Toothed
45.       Forceps 5” Toothed
46.       Forceps 8” Mouse Toothed
47.       Forceps 8” Mouse Toothed
48.       Forceps 8” Toothed
34.       Forceps dissecting
35.       Freeze Dryer
36.       Fume Hood
49.       Gas cylinder with Accessories
37.       Gel Documentation System
50.       Glass Blackboard
51.       Glass door cabinet
38.       Glassware Dryer
39.       Glassware washing machine
52.       Godrej Navtal 5 Liver
53.       Godrej Navtal 7 Liver
54.       Godrej prima Typewriter
55.       Hack saw handle
56.       Haemagglutination plates
40.       Hand-cum-Seamer
41.       Hard Board
42.       Heating Mantles with Regulator
43.       Heavy Duty Mixer/Blender
44.       Hi Air Sampler system
45.       High speed centrifuge
57.       Homogeniser MSE cat
46.       Homogenizer
58.       Hot air oven (Tempo)
47.       Hot Plate with Magretic stirr
48.       Hydrolic Sausage Filler
49.       Hygienic filler
59.       Incubator (Tempo)
60.       Incubator 18” x 18” x 27”
61.       Incubator Bacteriological
50.       Infra-red moisture balance
62.       Inkjet Printer
51.       Inspisstor Improved Type
63.       Instrument sterilizer
64.       Junior Officer Table
52.       KEROY Balance
53.       Khan Rack
65.       Kitchen knife
66.       Labexcel instrument table
67.       Labexcel stools
68.       Laboratory Blenders
69.       Laboratory stool plastic pink colour
70.       Laboratory stools (steel)
71.       Laboratory table
72.       Lactometer with thermometer
54.       Laminar Flow
55.       Letter Embossing Gun
56.       LG Microwave oven
57.       Lovibond comparator
73.       M.S. Table with s  plain
74.       Magnetic stirrer
58.       Mapro Projector
59.       Metal Cover
75.       Metal tongs S.S.
60.       Metzer Spectral – 75
61.       Micro Titrator
62.       Microcentrifuge
63.       Microcentrifuge Rotor 12X0.5 ml
64.       Microimaging system
65.       Miniscan Xe plus with accessories
76.       Minor store well steel cabinet
77.       Mirror 14” x 20”
78.       Modular Microscope model No. 777
66.       Monochannel Pipettes
79.       Monocular Inclined Microscope
67.       Monopan Balance (Model – CX 220)
68.       Muffle Furnace
69.       Nitrogen Dryer
70.       Overhead Projector
80.       Overhead Projector
71.       Pentium IV computer Dot Matrix printer
72.       Perkin Elmer Series 200 HPLC system
73.       PH meter
74.       Phillips Tube Light
75.       Photo frame 27” X 40”
76.       Photo Tube
81.       Pipette container Metal
77.       Pipette Washer
82.       Planimeter range 114 cm.
83.       Planimeter range 71 cm.
78.       Printer motrix Epson
79.       Punch Machine
84.       Refractometer
80.       Refriferator (Videocon)
81.       Refrigerator centrifuge with accessories
82.       REMI Centrifuge
83.       REMI Exhaust Fan
85.       Retort stand
86.       Rico mixer-cum grinder
87.       Rostrum
84.       Rotary Vacuum Evaporator
85.       S. S. Hot air oven with digital display
86.       S. S. Water Bath with Lid
87.       S.S. Incubator
88.       Salter Brand Weighing Balance
89.       Saw Amputating Handle
90.       Scalpal Handle
88.       Scissors 5” both pointed ends
89.       Scissors 5” one end blunt
90.       Scissors 6” both pointed ends
91.       Scissors 6” Both pointed ends
92.       Scissors 6” one end blunt
93.       Scissors 6” one end Blunt
91.       Scissors Straight
92.       Seitz Filter
94.       Shoker Incubator
95.       Single Pan Balance
96.       Slide Box 100 slides capacity
97.       Slide Box 50 slides capacity
93.       Sonication water bath
94.       Soxhelt Extraction Heater
98.       Spare seamer
95.       Spirit Lamp
99.       Stand with clamp
96.       Steel Cupboard
100.     Steel cupboard
101.     Steel cupboard
102.     Steel Table 48”x 24”x 29½”
103.     Steel trays
104.     Still cupboard
105.     Still racks
106.     Stomacher
107.     Store well (still cupboard)
108.     Storewel Cabinate
109.     Thermometers
110.     Thermostatic Oven
111.     Thin layer chromatography kit
112.     Timer unit
113.     Tissue homogeniser polytron system
114.     Tissue Homogenizer
115.     Top Pan Balance
116.     Trainee chair with arms and back and seat with cushion
117.     Trainee chairs
118.     Tripod Stand
119.     Trolley for overhead and slide projector
120.     Two Pan Balance
121.     U. V. Light cabinet
122.     Ultra Sonicator
123.     Ultra Violet Tubes
124.     Ultra Violetinspection cabinate
125.     UMAX Scanner
126.     Upgradation Existing Motherboard
127.     UV-Vis Detector for HPLC
128.     UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
129.     Vacuum cleaner (Eureka forces)
130.     Vacuum Dryer
131.     Vacuum pump model V4
132.     Vernier caliper
133.     Vertex shaker
134.     Vertical Deep Freezer
135.     Vertical S.S. Autoclave with display
136.     Video cassette player
137.     Voltage Stabilizer
138.     Wall storage cupboard
139.     Walls Hanging Type plastic screen
140.     Washing Blander (Grinder cum Mixer)
141.     Wasserman Rack
142.     Waste Paper Bucket
143.     Waste Receptacle
144.     Water bath (Rectangular Thermostat)
145.     Water bath ‘Halke’
146.     Wire basket
147.     Wire gauge 150 x 150 mm.
148.     Wooden stools