Retired Professors

Dr. Mohiuddin, Dr. S.R Chaddha, Dr. K.R. Alur, Dr. S.R. Hattangady are famous names of surgeons, who honoured the chair in their own periods.
Dr. S.R. Hattangadi a famous canines and equine surgeon headed the department after its separation from Anatomy.  
Prof. S.R. Hattangadi was HEAD of department when the University of Bombay recognized the two years duration post-graduate course leading to M. V. Sc. degree in 1961. 
Dr. K.S. Deshpande, M. V. Sc, Ph. D, F.R.V.A.C. took over the charge of the professor of Surgery in 1972. He took a lot of pain during his tenure and taught the art and science of surgery to many students by way of his excellent lucid teaching. His students worked in other parts of the country and made awareness about the importance of successful surgery under field conditions. He guided many successful veterinary surgeons during his tenure, and showed during these days that thoracic surgery in ruminants could be performed without ventilators under field conditions. 
 Later on Dr. M. L. Kudale,
Dr. M. B. Mantri and
Dr. C. C. Wakankar headed the department.