Poultry Science

Poultry Training Programmes:
The Department due to its foresight has started practical based short term poultry training courses 20 years back for the unemployed youth and farmers. These courses are taught in local language, i.e., Marathi. The courses have become very popular amongst the farmers and the new entrepreneurs. Two to three such courses are conducted in every year. It is a matter of pride that, almost 40% of trained persons have started their own poultry farms and about 60% trainee are working as skilled persons at managerial and supervisory level in different poultry farms, feed mills and poultry processing plants, etc. 
Disease Diagnosis:
The Department helps the needy farmers by providing technical services. Diagnosis is done by post-mortem examinations and various laboratory testing. Guidance is then given to solve the day to day problems. The expert advice is also given to undertake treatment, management changes and nutritional corrections. Numerous farmers having poultry operation of various capacities have taken advantage of this service and in turn helped themselves to increase the production and profitability. Timely advice is provided to all the poultry farmers who visit the department with their difficulties.
Radio and Television Programmes:
 The faculty members of poultry science department are regularly invited by the All India Radio and Doordarshan as an expert in various programmes for farmers. The practical solutions, tips for profitable operation, expert advice on various technical aspects etc. is provided through such audio-visual programmes.
Guidance for New Entrepreneures:
            The Department proved free technical guidance for new entrepreneurs who wish to start the poultry farms or poultry feed manufacturing plants.
Contact Details:
Department of Poultry Science
Parel, Mumbai – 400 012.
Telephone – 022-24131180, 24137030, Ext. 136.
Fax – 022-24172301.