Veterinary Gynecology and Obstetrics

Department services (with latest rates)
1. Ultrasonography in cow/ buffaloes : Rs.250/-
2. Ultrasonography inSheep/Goat/Bitch/Cat  : Rs.350/-        
3. Vaginal cytology :Rs.200/-                                    
4. Semen evaluation in large and small animals: Rs.250/-                                                     
5. A.I. in bitches:Rs.500/-                                                      
6. Consultation in small animals: Rs.200/-                             
7. Consultation in Farm/Herd Management:Rs.1000/-                      
8. P.R. Examination in large animals for P.D.- Rs.150/-       
9. A.I. in large animals – Rs.200/- ( Extra charges for semen)
10. Diagnosis of infertility in large animals/ small animals – Rs.150/-
11. Vaginoscopy – Rs.250/-