Dr.M.P. Sawane

Dr.Mahadeo P. Sawane                   
Associate Professor.(M.V.Sc)
 Department of Animal genetics and Breeding
 Bombay Veterinary College, Parel,  Mumbai -400 012.
: Ph. 022-24162552 (Dir)  022-24131180,022-24137030,4132792 Ext.133
 Fax. 022-4172301
 Email ; mahadeo_68@yahoo.com                                           mahadeo_68@rediffmail.com
Mailing Address   :S-B-302. Sahdev Co-op.Hsg. Society Ltd.; NL Complex, Anand Nagar, Dahisar (E), Mumbai-400 068, Ph.022-28280963, Mobile No:09320480354
Research area of Interest:  Population Genetics, Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics
  1. Received Third Uttejanarth Award for the Marathi book entitled ‘ Varah Palan” by Baliraja, Dr.V.B.Rahudkar Marathi Krishigranth Uttejak Puraskar as a co-auther.(1998).
  1. Received First Award for the Marathi book entitled ‘Pashusamvardhan VA Dugdhavyavasaya”. By Baliraja, Dr.V.B.Rahudkar Marathi Krishigranth Uttejak Puraskar as a co-auther.(1999).
  1. Awarded  for best poster presented  in X Annual Conference of Indian Society of Animal Genetics and Breeding and National Symposium on Conventional and New Age Breeding Technology for Livestock Centric Growth and Livelihood Security,27-28, November, 2009 at Chennai.
  1. Participated in 13 conferences / Seminars / Trainings / Workshops
  2. Actively participated and   worked as rapporteur for follow up meeting of Workshop on “Genetic Improvement of Cattle and Buffalo” haracter by Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences University, Nagpur  at Nagpur (Sept.19th 2005).
  1. Worked as committee member for inspection committee for approval of “Dairy Diploma & Animal Husbandry Management School” in year 2002.
  1. Worked as external examiner for theory and  practical examination in Dairy Diploma & Animal Husbandry Management School .
  1. Worked as question paper setter for the board of technical examination, Maharashtra State, Mumbai -51.
  1.  “Sheep and Goat Rearing” course undertaken as Course Coordinator under the Self –Employment Programme sponsored by Depatrment of Animal Husbandry, Govt. of Maharashtra.
  1. Worked in students cultural activities as a Officer In-charge for different activities at college level, COVAS, Udgir.
  1. Working as Credit Seminar Coordinator for P. G. & Ph. D student at Bombay Veterinary College for the year 2006-2007. 
  1. Actively involved in organizing and conducting various short-term training courses such as Dairy farming, Goat Farming and Piggery Farming since 2002.
  1.  Life membership of Following Societies:
    1. SOCDAB, NBAGR, Karnal,
    2. ISSGPU; Avikanagar,
    3. ISAGB,Noida, New Delhi.
    4. ISLPM,Kolkatta
    5. IAAVAR, Izzatnagar.
    6. “Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association, Mumbai.
  1. Delivered five extension lectures and Broadcasted five radio talks on livestock farming All India Radio, Mumbai and Private radio channel.
1.         Research paper            :17
2.         Popular Articles          :16
3.         Books                          :03 (For farmers)
01 –Lecture Notes on Course No:LPM-311 (Swine,Camel,Equine and Yak Production and Management)


No. of student Guided:          11 as  Major Guide and  More than 20 students guided as
             Students advisory committee member.