Dr. A. D. Patil


BVSc & AH,  MVSc  (Veterinary Anatomy, Histology & Embryology),

PhD (Veterinary Anatomy & Histology)


Total = 34 Years. At Mumbai Veterinary College and Udgir Veterinary College.


  1. A. PhD Research Work – Gross and Histomorphological Structure of the Oviduct before and after Extirpation of the Preen Gland in relation to Egg Production in Chicken ( Gallus gallus domesticus).
  2. V. Sc. Dissertation : Histology and Histochemistry of the Skin in Hot and Cold Season with Special Reference to the Effect of External Cooling in Buffalo Calves (Bos bubalis).
  1. Post Graduation guide & Committee Member – Guided 13 post-graduate students & was Member of Advisory Committee for four post-graduate & 2 PhD students.
  1. Awards
  2. Received Best Paper award for Histological study of Bursa Fabricius in Karaknath and RIR breeds of poultry and their crosses during XVIII Convention of IAVA in 2003.
  3. Received Best Paper award for Histological study of Uropygeal gland in Karaknath and RIR breeds of poultry and their crosses during XVIII Convention of IAVA in 2003.
  4. Received Best Paper award for “Application of Veterinary Anatomy in Nuclear Medicine” during XIX IAVA Convention in 2004.
  5. Received A. M. Srivastava award for Best Thesis Award as guide entitled “Hair – Anatomical tool for identification of some domestic and wild animal species” during XXIII Convention of IAVA in 2008.
  6. Received Scroll of Honour( As Best Teacher) in 2005 from the Dean, Bombay Veterinary College, Parel, Mumbai – 400 012.


1) Life member of Indian Association of Veterinary Anatomists (IAVA).

2) Life  member of Alumni Association of Bombay Veterinary College.

3) Life member of Veterinarians’ Association (K.K.V.). 


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