Dr. Gopal P. Bharkad

Dr. Gopal P. Bharkad
                         M.V.Sc.(Veterinary Parasitology)   
                         Associate Professor


Date of Birth                                               : 10th April 1978
Educational qualification                      
I.Co-Organiser of STTC Funded BY DBT,New Delhi on  ‘Techniques In Animal Cell Culture & Molecular Diagnostic Virology’ 15 days STTC at Dept. of Microbiology,COVAS,Udgir from 5th Jan – 19th  Jan 2009.
II. Joint Organizing Secretary of XXI National Congress of Veterinary Parasitology held at Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai during 5-7, January 2011.
National Conference /Seminar/       : 10 Nos.
Training programme Attended
Total Experience                      : 15 years 10 months
Research Papers published
Research Articles                   : 45
Technical/Popular Articles    : 15
Abstract/Oral Present            : 28
Radio Talks                            : 04
Innovative Work Done  
1. Undergraduate Research Programme
2. Developed Digital Compendium of 21 NCVP Mumbai.2011
3. Developed Digital Compendium of 1st West zonal Meet of IAVP-2011
4. Working as Editor of IAAVP News letter “The Para Sight
5. Worked as Editor of Souvenir of 21 NCVP,Mumbai-2011
6. Co-Editor for Audio-visual CD on Parasitological Techniques (COL Project)
Research Activities
A. Extramural Projects completed                            :  06
B. Schemes/Projects submitted for the funds        :  01
C. Department Research Projects (ongoing)            :  03
D. NIF-DST (Govt of India) Ongoing                          :  01                
I. Merit-cum-Means Scholarship holder.
II. Certificate of Merit by MAU.
IV. Shiksha Rattan Puraskar 2013
Life Member of 3 Journals
Life Member of IAAVP
Member of the NAARM Alumni Association
Member BVC Alumni Association.
Computer Skills
Adobe Acrobat Designer; CDO Powerbuilder , FLASH Animation, Director, -Web Designing, Photoshop CS2, Autorun CD Developer.