In the early days the city of Greater Bombay the seat of Bombay Veterinary College comprised of seven islands, viz. Colaba, Bombaim, Mazgaon, Varel (Worli), Varella (Wadala), Syva (Sion) and Mahim. These islands were on the outskirts of the dominions ruled by successive dynasties of Western India such as Mauryas, Satavahanas, Chalukyas and Rashtrakutas. In Maurya and Chalukya periods (450 A.D. to 750 A.D.), the city of Puri on Elephanta island was a principal harbour near Bombay group of islands. Besides these passing references to Bombay, little is found in the recorded history of this harbour in the first milinia of Christian Era.

Bombay became the main harbour on western coast through which import of horses took place in those days. It was also the seat of the Governor of Bombay Presidency.