Name: Dr.Rajiv V.Gaikwad
Qualification: M.V.Sc.(Medicine), Ph.D.
Designation: Hospital Superintendent
Department: Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex
College: Bombay Veterinary College.
Experience of Teaching, Research & Extension: 20 Years 6 Months
Additional Qualification:
Examination passed
Year of passing
University / Institution
ICAR Jr. Fellowship
 ICAR, New Delhi
National Eligibility Test (NET)
Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board, New Delhi
National Eligibility Test (NET)
Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board, New Delhi
Safety aspects in the research applications of ionizing radiations
Head, Radiological Physics & Advisory Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai -400 085.
Regional (RCA) training course on interventional methods in nuclear medicine
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Co-operation with Government of India through the P.D.Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai, India.
Postgraduate training Course in Nuclear Medicine
P.D.Hinduja National Hospital & Medical research Centre and Society of Nuclear Medicine, India.
Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai
Nuclear Medicine Course conducted by Indo-European Nuclear Medicine Education Forum.
P.D.Hinduja National Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai, India
Master Students (Medicine) Guided as Major Advisor till date: 11
Advisory Member for Ph.D. Students: 4
Awards / Honors:
  1.                  I.     Scroll of Honour “Best Teacher” from Dean, Bombay Veterinary College, Parel, Mumbai – 400 012 on 26th January 2004.
  2.                II.     Certificate of Merit for Best Oral Presentation in Session III for the paper entitled on “Epidemiological Pattern of Black Quarter and Enterotoxaemia in Western Maharashtra” during the National Symposium on Latest Approaches and Biotechnological Tools for Health Management of Farm and Companion Animals and XXII Annual Convention of Indian Society for Veterinary Medicine (ISVM), held at Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar from 11th to 13th February 2004.
  3.               III.     Best Paper Award (Poster) for the paper entitled “Application of Vety.Anatomy. …Nuclear Medicine” Co-Authored by Drs. Pachpande A.M., Patil A.D. and Gaikwad R.V. and Presented by Dr.Gaikwad S.A. at XIX Annual Convention Indian Association of Veterinary Anatomists & National Symposium on 16-18th November 2004 organized by Department of Anatomy & Histology, West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences, Kolkatta-700 037.
  4.              IV.     Appreciation Certificate for the paper entitled “Bone scintigraphy: An advance diagnostic modality to detect bone disorders in dogs” authored by G.S.Khandekar, R.V.Gaikwad, L.B.Sarkate, D.U.Lokhande, A.Samad, M.K.Srivastava, S.V.Gaikwad, A.R.Chauhan and C.N.Galdhar presented at Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery (ISVS) Congress held on 4th November 2006 at College of Vety.Sci.&A.H., Bidar (Karnataka).
               V.     Best Poster Presentation award certificate for paper entitled Lipomers: innovative drug delivery system for splenic targeting of doxycyline hydrochloride, authored by Rajesh R. Patil, A. Samad, R. V. Gaikawad, and Padma V. Devarajan Presented at Indo-US symposium on Nanotechnology in Advanced Drug Delivery, NIPER, Chandigarh, INDIA, Oct, 2006.
             VI.     Best Poster Presentation award certificate for paper entitled “Biodistribution of Rifampicine-Ethambutol Nanoparticulate Pulmonary-targeted Drug in A Tuberculosis-Positive Monkey” N.R.Kulkarni, R.V.Gaikwad, A.Samad and Padma Devrajan at Third International Conference on “Drug Discovery & Development – South Asian Perspective” 4th & 5th October 2009, Mumbai, India.
           VII.     Best Poster Award to article entitled “Radiotracer uptake studies of Technetium labeled thymoquinone using gamma scintigraphy imaging technique” by Reelma Velho-Pereira, e Miranda, P.Pawar, R.V.Gaikwad, A.Samad and A.G.Jagtap at 1st AAPS-NUS-BCP Regional Conference PharmaSci@India10 Symposium Research the Young Scientist on Feb 25th 2010 P46, Page 71.
          VIII.     Received prestigious award from Dogs &More at Dog A’Fair, the fun carnival for dogs, held on Sunday Feb 13, 2011 at Radio Club, Colaba in recognition of ability and selflessly and humanely work in the wonderful world of animals.
 Publications till date: 62 (National= 48; International= 14)