Awards and Recognition

Achievements ….
  • The contribution from this department in animal genetics research has been recognized nationally and internationally.
  • Staff members from this department were awarded for their contribution in the publications for farmers.
  • This department has initiated training programs on livestock farming since 1996. Till now this department has trained about 2000  farmers.
  • The staff of this department has been awarded with scholarship from Swiss Development Cooperation, Berne as Visiting Fellow for collaborative research in Animal Cytogeneics at Department of Animal Sciences, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,Zurich in 1994.
  • Staff members of this department were awarded with Vasantrao Naik Memorial Gold Medal 1998 for best research paper on “Sheep cytogenetics” presented at  National seminar on Advances in Health and Production of sheep and goat’s in Nov. 98 at Nagpur.
  • A workshop on “Genetic Improvement in cattle and Buffalo” in year 2005 was successfully organized by this department and proposed a action plan for the development of infrastructure for Maharashtra State.
  •  A part of research work on canine cancer cytogenetics “ Cytogenetic studies on venereal granuloma” has been presented at   7 th European Cytogenetics Conference  (4-7 July 2009, Stockholm)
  • Research team of this department was awarded for best poster presentation in X Annual Conference of Indian Society of Animal Genetics and Breeding and National Symposium on Conventional and New Age Breeding Technology for Livestock Centric Growth and Livelihood Security, 27-28, November, 2009 at Chennai.
  • MS govt. has recognized this department to lead the study group for studying  the present way of genetic testing in  livestock of MS and this department has suggested necessary steps to bring MS livestock to genetically clean status so as to implement well the livestock development program in MS.
  • This department is identified by the NAIP project on SAS software utility and will be acting as nodal centre for it’s  implementation and application in the education and research work carried out at Bombay Veterinary College.
  • A part of research work on caprine genomics “Characterization and localization of BMP-15 gene in the ovarian follicles of Black Bengal breed of goat” has been presented at   AgriGenomics World Congress  (8-9 July 2010, Brussels, Belgium)