Awards and Recognition

1) Publishing comprehensive textbook on “Reproduction in Farm animals (Theriogenology)” in 1982, first of its kind under Indian conditions which contains 891 pages, 285 illustrations, 38 tables and nearly 300 references. With addition of 4 new chapters and several deletions and additions from chapter to chapter by incorporating latest research publications second edition of Textbook on “Reproduction in Farm animals” was published in the year 1994.
2) This department has organized All India Symposium on Animal Reproduction in December 1981, 1st Asian Congress on Animal Reproduction in December 1984 and Annual Convention of ISBD in the year 2006.
3)This Department played leading role in establishing the Indian Society for the Study of Animal Reproduction (ISSAR). The Indian Journal of Animal Reproduction, official organ of ISSAR was published with the key role of this  Department and responsibility or running the Journal and Society was shouldered by this Department for more than a decade.
4) Following staff members received National Level Awards :
Dr.S.U.Gulavane :
i) “Salute Mumbai” Award for the year 2002 for contribution to Animal Birth Control Programme.
ii)   ”Best Lady Clinician” of the year 2011 by ISACP by his Excellency Hon. H.H.Vora, Governor, Jammu & Kashmir in February 2011.
Dr Mahesh Rangnekar :
i)  National Science Day award from Hon’ble Scientific Advisor to RM on the eve of National Science Day – 2006 in recognition of significant contribution in the field of Zanskari Ponies breeding project.
5) This department has conducted various trainings till date:
i) Artificial Insemination training for LDO’s &LSS
ii) Ultrasonography Training for LDO’s
iii) Dog Breeders Training
iv) Artificial Inseminators Training for unemployed youth