Veterinary Surgery and Radiology

Facilities Available 
Well equipped small animal operation theatre.
Large Animal operation theatre.
Day care facility for major and minor surgery.
Endoscope Unit, where facilities for gastroscopy and bronchoscopy available
Full fledged setup of instrument for General surgery, Orthopedic surgery, Ophthalmic surgery, Teat surgery, Cardiothoracic surgery and Plastic surgery.
Fiber Optic Endoscope ,Gastroscope, Broncoscope.
State of Art-OPD (Out patient department)/Casualty.
State of art- One of the biggest residential hospital Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Animal Hospital (BSDPAH) with indoor capacity of 200-250 patients with separate dog ward surgical, cattle ward, horse ward, post-operative care ward, cat surgical ward etc. with 24 hours emergency surgery facility.
Air Conditioned Pet care facilities.
X-Ray Machine of 100mA and 500mA.
Radiological laboratory.
Ultrasound Diagnostic Facility.
Video camera and digital Zoom Cameras for recording live surgery.
LCD Facilities for live demonstration of surgeries.
Air Conditioned Post Graduate Library with internet facility.
Vir Jijamata Uddyan, Byculla with approximately 500 animals of different species including birds.
Periodic visits to Sanjay Gandhi National Park. With approximately 550 wild animals of differently species including lion and tiger safari.
Veterinary polyclinic at Goregaon for undertaking small and large animal surgery and Research Work
  1. Endoscopic diagnosis – Rs. 1,500/-
  2. Endoscopic diagnosis with anaesthesia – Rs. 2,000/-
  3. Laparoscopic diagnosis – Rs. 2,000/-
  4. Minor surgery –
  5. Major Surgery –