Veterinary Pathology

Department of Pathology was established in year 1943. Teaching, diagnosis, research and extension activities are the main working areas of the department. The department has rich museum and great collection of slides and specimens of varieties of disease conditions in animals.
Initially the department was established to teach pathology, histology and meat inspection. Dr. K. S. R. Iyer was the first Professor. He was succeeded by Dr. R. M. Kalapesi in 1952. Dr. B. L. Purohit became professor in 1956. On his promotion as Principal of Nagpur Veterinary College, Dr. S. M. Ajinkya took over in 1962 as Professor who was succeeded by Dr. P. D. Sardeshpande in 1970. Later Dr. B. V. Jalnapurkar handled the department as a Professor followed Dr. P. S. Lonkar (1994 to 2005) and Dr. Mrs. R. S. Nehete from 2005 to 2010.
All of them contributed notably for the development of the department. They were ably supported by Dr. K. V. Joshi, Dr. N. S. Deodhar and Dr. B. D. Survashe who worked in different capacities. Currently, Dr. D. P. Kadam is Incharge Professor of the Department and guiding the post graduate students, while Dr. B. K. More is visiting Professor to guide the Ph.D. students.
  1. In poultry, research work has been undertaken on IBD, Gangrenous dermatitis, Adeno virus, fatty liver kidney syndrome, stunting syndrome, hydropericardium syndrome, heat stress and on managemental problems 
  2.  In bovines, IgG was isolated for the first time from buffalo calves and heavy mortality noted in male buffalo calves was correlated to deficiency of Ig G
  3. Exfoliative vaginal cytology was undertaken in order to achieve better understanding to interpret reproductive disorders in cattle and it was correlated with the hormonal profile
  4. This department investigated fluorosis in cattle in state Government farm and was successful in tracing the source of contamination
  5. Undertaken diagnosis of diseases of wild animals and birds and has been constantly associated with Jijamata Udyan Byculla and Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali
  6. Toxicopathological studies
  7. Incidence of Metabolic and Nutritional diseases and their impact on immunological and health status of cattle in Konkan region
  8. Immunopathology of canine mammary tumour
  9. Immunopathology of lamb mortality
  10.  A study of Atherosclerosis in bovines
  11.  The department is working on Epidemiology and Immuno-pathology of Bovine        squamous cell carcinoma with special reference to horn and eye cancer
  12.  Pathological studies of thyroids in animals
  13. Clinicopathological aspect of canine nephropathy
  14. Diagnosis of Leptospira from Canine and laboratory animals
  15. Studies on Amyloidosis and Immunohematological status  of equine during polyvalent antivenom production
Diagnostics and Clinical Services Offered:                                                                                                                 
  1. Complete Blood Count with parasitic examination
  2.  Urinalysis
  3.  Leptospira diagnosis
  4.  Biochemical profiling including liver and kidney function tests (LFT & KFT)
  5. Cytological examination of lymph node and bone marrow smear  (for tumours)        
  6. Histopathological diagnosis of clinical tissue samples
  7. Histopathological processing and diagnosis of tissues from laboratory animals used for Toxicological/research studies from pharmaceuticals, research institutes and colleges
  8.  Plan and conduction of various drug trials [private agency trials] in poultry birds
  9.  Differential staining for various diabetic trials in lab animals e.g. Gomoris & PAS
  10.  Fluorescent Microscopy
  11.  Microphotography on histological slides
  12.  Post mortem examination of domestic animals, poultry and wild animals and birds.
Various immunopathological investigations:
1. Estimation of immunoglobulin G (IgG) from serum /plasma
2. Estimation of circulating immune complexes (CIC)
3. Leucocyte Migration Inhibition Test (LMIT)
4. ANAE staining for T- lymphocytes
5. Characterization and Estimation of molecular weight of proteins for clinical samples
Teaching methodology:
  1. In house developed novel slide projector for histopathological slide for UG & PG curriculum teaching.
  2. Interactive CD ROM teaching materials for Veterinary graduate and postgraduate which contains multimedia (Animation, Web designing and PowerPoint Presentation).
  3. Basic histology Color Poster Lab and Histology Movie Portal for UG and PG students.
  4. Department play a key role in development of Virtual Classroom for UG students.
Department of Pathology: Vision 2025:
Diagnostic Contributions and Future Research plans
  • A regular activity of the department includes diagnosis of the clinical material for hematology, cytology, clinical biochemistry, urinalysis, post mortem and histopathological examination of various tissue samples as an aid for diagnostic purpose.
  • Plan to have the research projects from other departments, scientific organizations (profit and non-profit) and various institutions by developing linkages with industry, pharmaceutical companies etc. for the  preclinical services and developing the faculty as experts and generating receipts through revolving fund scheme for the department upgreadation.
  • Studies on emerging diseases of poultry such as Runting stunting syndrome, Chicken infectious anaemia, Infectious laryngotracheitis and avian pneumoviruses.
  • Studies on mycoplasma in animals (Cattle and avian species)
  • Studies on use of viruses for prevention and control of cancers
  • Development of rapid on farm diagnostic test for diagnosis of avian and bovine diseases.
  •  Studies on Etiopathology of respiratory pathogen of poultry and its prevention and control strategy.
  • Development of monoclonal antibody for rapid diagnosis of diseases.
  • Planning to develop a research arena in nanotoxicology and related work with establishment of laboratory for the same.
Future plans for quality education and extension activates
  • Planning to prepare the new courses like clinical pathology, e-dairy care & management as well as diagnosis of wild and zoo animal diseases for Open and Distance Learning (ODL) courses in collaboration with Commonwealth Of Learning, Canada. Through this project, Department will try to establish linkages with the field veterinarians, which are engaged in the government as well as cooperative dairy sectors. Experts and consultants from Commonwealth of Learning have already appreciated the efforts taken by departmental staffs and students for earlier prepared courses.
  • To start one year diploma in Toxicopathology for veterinary pathologist to fulfill the demand of industries in area of preclinical research.
  • To establish online virtual microscopy unit for veterinary graduate and post graduate personnel
  • To develop 3-D virtual simulation unit for necropsy.
  • To develop interactive animated pathogenesis of various animal diseases.
  • To develop e-library at department.
  • Project of ready to read and audio courses for the various common questions raised by field farmers is in pipe line.