Retired Professors


Dr. K. R. Alur was the first Professor of Anatomy department in 1940. He was the pioneer of Archeological study not only inIndia but abroad. He was the chairman of the International Association of Archeology. He published more than 50 research papers on Archeology. He received University Grants Commission award in 1965. He recorded the excavated materials like bone beads, Brain fossil, brain impressions bone, bone marrow fossilation  Revision of Shri. Chelva Ayyangar’s text was entrusted to Prof. K. R. Alur. A notable worker on the anatomy of animals who took great pains to revise the text and figures and also contributed a number of fresh illustrations.
Dr. M. H. Nagamia was the Professor of Anatomy from 1961 to 1971. He did his Post-graduation from USA. He was well known teacher in the student’s community. He guided 6 PG students during his tenure. He was the member of the Arey new campus development as well as the advisor to the Bombay Veterinary College Centenary Celebration Committee. He was leading small animal practitioner in South Mumbai. 
Dr. P. V. Naik was Professor of Anatomy from 1971 to 1982. He was well known for large animal practice Western zone of India. He performed more than 1000 Ruminotomy operations and corrected more than 5000 dystokia cases. He was expert in surface anatomy and neurology. He guided M. V. Sc. student. He received All round Veterinarian award from the Teachers Association of Bombay Veterinary College.
Dr. S. S. Mehendale was Professor of Anatomy from 1982 to 1986. He was best teacher for histology and embryology. He guided 4 M. V. Sc. and one Ph. D. students. He is well known large animal practitioner in Mumbai and Thane. He received leading best Clinician award from the Teachers Association of Bombay Veterinary College. 
Dr. M. J. Mhajan was professor 1986 to 1996. He was best teacher in Gross Anatomy especially Locomotor system. He guided 5 M. V. Sc. students. He is expert in Wild animal anatomy. He is large as well small animal practitioner. Besides this he is also one of the best agriculturists.